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Living in Sheffield can be sexually frustrating. There are a lot of good-looking women around but how the hell do you get them into bed. Many men at this point turn to local escorts in Sheffield. They think to themselves; I could either spend hundreds of pounds, wining and dining these women just to get a blowjob or I could get myself an escort and just chuck her fifty quid to suck my dick.


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“I was always trying to get women the real way, by going out on nights out, taking women's numbers, taking them out for dates and don’t get me wrong, I was quite good at this and was having more sex than my friends. However, the issue for me was that I never wanted anything more than sex. One day I lost my job and money became a little bit tighter for me, so I didn’t want to spend the hundreds of pounds partying and wining and dining these women. As soon as I stopped spending all this money on nice clothes and partying, it became a lot harder to have sex with these women. One day I was driving along and there was a hot woman at the side of the road looking like she needed a lift, it was only after I wound my window down to speak to her did I realise she was a local escort from Sheffield. I was about to drive off, but I thought I would ask her how much she cost for a shag, the woman said £100 and she would do whatever I wanted. I thought that £100 for a local escort was a bit too much but at the same time this woman was a hot woman, and I didn’t have to do anything than taking my wallet out and hand over some cash. I did it and had an amazing night fucking this woman. I was worried that it was going to seem fake, but I felt like she was having as much fun as me.

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I now meet up with this woman regularly for a shag. It is quick and easy; I do not have to put in any effort. Yes, it costs me money, but sometimes if I just want a blowjob, I pay her less and just get a blowjob.